Special Features of Money Maker Software:

        Price View:

     Facility to freeze row and columns

     LTP and trend color according to previous days close.

     Columns adding, deleting, shifting etc made easy.

     Color selection for selection bar

     Row height can be increased or decreased

     Auto adjust in the available window

     Corporate action information available on price view


        Order / Trade

     Client name in order entry screen

     MBP/Best 5 /F6 window with order entry /modification screen

     Failed orders in separate window Shift + F3 and also in F10 (Messages)

     Order Book with trade book for specific order

     Price range message while order entry

     Order history on double click on order or trade

     BSE trade modification made easy- needs to be done only once for multiple trades & net position also gets updated accordingly



     52 week high low in MBP/F6 window

     User Details with Name and NNF and segment, no of clients mapped

     Re-login Time minimised

     Scrip Search on ISIN

     Scrip Search on Ex Date

     Installation and version update made easiest

     Scrip information with DPR and whether the scrip is in index or not

     Refresh option available in MBP F5\F6 window

     Exposure details are available

     Facility to view external net position

     Bhav copies of NSE BSE and Fo available online

     Scrip master download auto and can also be download online

     Persistent message

     NCFM certificate expiry notification in advance by 3 months

     Clients holding is available on the terminal

     Settlement Information is available on the main screen

     List of settlement can be downloaded

     Technical Graphs can be viewed

     Scrip help is available on F5/F9 window while changing any scrip.