Social Responsibility

A Salute to the Society : Corporate Social responsibility

Goldmine"s vision visualizes itself as a vibrant, pro-active and widely admired, ethical corporate citizen. We believe that exemplary achievements on the business points are not enough in the making of a good corporate citizen. In fulfillment of this role as a responsible part of the society and environment in which one operates, Goldmine has undertaken a host of activities in the educational and social development areas. Mr Kirit Vassa is one of the founder trustees of Saurashra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust, Rajkot.

Few of the projects towards our belief of Corporate Social responsibility

  • Sponsored Government Primary School in Morthalla District Surendranagar, Gujarat. The aim is to provide quality education towards masses staying in rural Gujarat. Ultimately this would suffice the requirements of needy people striving to get education.
  • Jamnagar is one of the hybrid and highly populated industrial areas of Gujarat. To cater the quality education and primary health services, Late Miss Hina Vora has shaped the dream of laying down primary school and primary health center by donating funds through out the project completion.
  • Goldmine has been carrying out the self-independence activities for windows under the Governments "Widow Assistance program" for uplifting social and economical stability of windows, having hands to hands support from Saurashra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust.
  • Goldmine keeps on arranging blood donation camps. Its landmark achievement are of accumulating 167 & 318 units of blood bottles respectively in March 2008 & January 2009 and trying to become the bridge between voluntary blood donors and people striving for life. Objective is to serve the humanity.